Pura Vida

There are many things I loved about Costa Rica, the coffee not the least among them. I have a case shipped in for Christmas every year.

People will talk about the rhythm there – the Pura Vida – and it’s all true. But what they often don’t mention is that the keeper of the rhythm is the rain.

The sun wakes you before your alarm can, no matter how late you were up, and it shines straight through to 1:00ish. Just bright, hot sun.

 From 1:00 – 2:00, its beautiful blue skies dotted with innocent white clouds. It’s beautiful. It looks the sky over a prairie, not an ocean.

At 2:00 it rains just like it’s raining tonight – heavy and loud and straight down like someone has a giant watering can just above you. Everything is soaked inside of 2 seconds, if you stayed outside (the locals stay outside, and by the end of the week so do you). It starts like someone turned a faucet, is amazingly steady & monotonous for 30 minutes, then turns off like a faucet between 2:30 & 2:45.

The rain stops and the sun is out within one minute. Bright as Dawn. Within three minutes, anything you left out is dry.

The sun shines till sunset, no clouds to be seen.

Every. Day.

That’s what tonight’s rain made me think of. The rain in Costa Rica, and its inherent & blessed predictability.

I want this for my life. I think, in any given day, if could just squeeze all the bullshit into one hour and know that the other 23 would be golden, I could do it. I would so prefer this to 2 minutes of bullshit every hour. Because it’s not the 2 minutes of bullshit, it’s the 20 minutes of seeing it coming and dreading it, and the 20 minutes of being pissed about it after, which leaves like eight minutes to not be annoyed. If I could do that ONCE a day instead of TEN TIMES a day, just for longer – sign me up. I can plan around that.

That is, unfortunately, is not the way rain works in my life.  This week, it’s like just barely shitty enough to keep you inside, but not so crazy as to offer you a decent excuse for it. My life has been drizzling for weeks. I want a 40 minute downpour, and be done with it.

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